2021-2022 Health Mitigation Updates

MVGS will uphold its partnership with LFCC, comply with CDC guidance, and adhere to Commonwealth mandates. Therefore, MVGS will continue to require everyone to mask, regardless of vaccination status, while inside MVGS/LFCC buildings and while using school district or public transportation services, per the August 12, 2021, Public Health Order from the State Health Commissioner.

Additionally, MVGS will implement the following strategies to ensure the health and safety of our students, staff, and community members:

  • All employees and students should complete a daily self-health assessment.
  • All employees and students must stay home when they are sick.
  • Frequent hand washing and/or use of hand sanitizer will be encouraged.
  • Social distancing shall be maintained to the extent possible, particularly indoors.
  • High-touch surfaces will be disinfected frequently.
  • Contact tracing will be used for any suspected cases of COVID-19.
  • Any unvaccinated individuals who are determined to be close contacts of a person infected with COVID-19 will be instructed to quarantine.

COVID-19 Self-screening Tool

Lista de Control de Síntomas del COVID-19 (en Español)

MVGS is following direct guidance from the VDH when it comes to practices regarding COVID-19 close contacts and quarantining. The link below provides a brief overview of that guidance, as published by the VDH and VDOE. MVGS families are reminded that the local health departments may impose heightened practices on schools and districts based on population size, community spread, and other factors, which may impact school transportation and/or attendance.
Brief overview of guidance, as published by the VDH and VDOE